Sakamai, New York, April 2014

Daiginjo Monday is a new weekly event at Sakamai. Each week, three interesting, not typically menu item Daiginjos are selected to be a part of the tasting. This particular week featured an interesting, if eclectic selection. Notable was the Tanatogawa Dakuryu Junmai Daiginjo Spakling Nigori Nama (yes, it it all of those things, all at once). I found that the notes from the nama interacted with the texture of the nigori in a very interesting way, while the overall taste was vaguely sour in nature. Rounding out the set was the very familiar and fantstic Amabuki Daiginjo and a rare bottle of the rather full bodied Kubota Senshin. Daiginjo Mondays are a great way for people to try new, ultra premium sake and I highly recommend making a trip down to Sakamai for the occasion.