Demystifying Sake One Bottle at a Time

The Recipe for Greatness

Whether you want to wear your love of sake on your sleeve or are just looking for a great gift for the sake lover in your life, our spin on the “classic Helvetica “&” shirt has you covered!

Available in both men and women’s sizes and a nice selection of colors

Added Bonus: Use this EXCLUSIVE recipe to brew your own sake at home!

The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks

While this might not be our swag, we did want to promote this new book from friend of the site and knower of all things Shochu, Stephen Lyman. Stephen, alongside fellow expert, Chris Bunting cover all the main types of beverages found in Japanese bars and restaurants, as well as supermarkets and liquor stores around the world. The book has chapters on Sake, Shochu, whisky, wine, beer, Awamori (a moonshine-like liquor from Okinawa), Umeshu plum wine and other fruit wines. We’re even more excited about this book since it Includes a few photos by The Sake Notes’ very own, John Puma!